Meaning of taguk



n. 1. sticky sap of plants and fruits; 2. sticky, thin, membranous substance that sticks on the body of a newly-delivered child; v. 1. give off sap. Mutaguk ang kapáyas ug tigbásun, The papaya will give off sap if it is cut. Hingtagukan ang ákung sinínà, My shirt got smeared with sap; 1a. for something to be sticky with sap. Dì na nà makataguk kay uga na, That sap won’t stick because it is dry; 1b. for sap to get sticky; 2. catch something with a sticky substance, esp. the sap of a plant. Tagukun ku nang langgáma, I’ll catch that bird with sticky sap; 3. remove, gather the sticky sap. Ákung tagukan ning púsù úsà utánun, I’ll remove the sap from this banana blossom before I cook it. ka-(←) v. have sticky substance all over it. Nagkatáguk ang bátà nga bag-ung natáwu, The newborn baby had sticky substance all over it. -un a. 1. a child having thin sticky substance on him at birth; 2. producing plenty of sticky sap. Tagukun kaáyung gumáha, Rubber tree producing lots of latex; 3. having lots of sticky sap on it.