Meaning of tagbù



n. 1. work bee on a community project. Tagbù sa pagpúu sa ilagà, A work bee to exterminate mice; 2. see súgat, n; v. 1. hold a work bee; 2. see tábù, v1, 2. hiN- see hinabù. see tábù. tagbùtagbù v. 1. meet in a clandestine manner. Dì na sila makatagbùtagbù kay nasakpan na ang ílang rilasiyun sa bána, They can no longer continue with their trysting because the woman’s husband found out about it. 2. keep passing by one another. Magtagbùtagbù lang ang nagkalainláing mga sakyanan sa kadalánan, All different vehicles keep passing each other on the streets. -anan n. trysting place. -in-an something someone brings when arriving from a trip.