Meaning of tagam



v. refrain from repeating an act as a result of an unpleasant experience previously undergone. Mitagam (natagam) siyag pangáwat human maprísu, He didn’t steal again after he was put in prison once. Balikbálik, ayaw pagtagam, Come see us again (lit. don’t learn a lesson). Hitagman kag bisíta kun dì ka mutagad, People will not come to visit you again if you don’t entertain them. káun ug — v. experience something bad so as to feel that one doesn’t ever want to repeat it. Nakakaun ka bag tagam nga dì na ka muadtu sa ámù? Did something bad happen to you that you don’t want to come back to our place? katalagman n. calamity. Nahiágum sa katalagman ang Pilipínas paggúbat, The Philippines experienced great calamities during the war.