Meaning of tagak



v. join strands of abaca at the ends to make a long thread. -an, -an(←) n. kind of basket, cylindrical in shape and with a large mouth, used to hold joined strands of abaca. -in- n. joined abaca fibers.



v. 1. cause something to fall straight down. Matágak ang mga dáhun, The leaves will fall. Tagákun ku nang langgam sa usa ka tíru, I’ll knock that bird down in one shot. Namatay siya kay hitagakan sa lubi, He died because a coconut fell on his head. Itágak nang sapátus kay naglisud ka pagsaka, Kick off your shoes because you’re having trouble climbing; 2. fail in school. Tagáka siya kay absiníru, Fail him because he’s always absent; 3. for coconuts to yield. Kanang kalubihána mutágak ug usa ka líbu, That coconut plantation yields one thousand nuts; 4. suffer a miscarriage. Natagákag makaduha, She has had two miscarriages; 5. for the curtain to fall signifying the end of a presentation (metaphorical). Ug dinhi natágak ang tabil sa átung sugilánun, And so, here our story ends; 6. — ang kwarta spend money. Natágak ang kwarta sa way hinungdan, The money was just wasted; n. yield of coconuts. (→) n. 1. fallen leaves of fruits; 2. fallen pieces, pieces which fell or spilled out of a container. Tagak sa kupras, mais, Extra pieces of copra, corn grain. tagaktagak v. 1. drop down in spurts or drips. Nagtagaktagak ang tái sa bátang nagkalíbang, The child with the diarrhea kept having his BM’s in spurts; 2. drop things around, mess. Mauy musilhig sa sawug ang nagtagaktagak ug kan-un, Whoever throws rice all over the floor is going to have to pick it up. 3. fail to do something in unison. Dungána pagrisayit. Ayaw tagaktagaka (itagaktagak), Recite it together in unison, not raggedly; a. not in unison. -in-(→) see tagaktagak, 3.