Meaning of swirti



n. 1. luck, good fortune. Ug may swirti ka makahálin ka ug tulu ka tíbi ang simána, With luck you can sell three TV sets a week. Swirti nga nahitabù tu kay nahibaw-an ang íyang binúang, It was a good thing that that happened because I found out what he had been doing; 2. fate, fortune. Íyang swirti nga maminyù ug bálu, It is her fate to marry a widower. Swirti nga naabut ang amahan ug naabtan sila, Unfortunately the father arrived and they were caught in the act; v. 1. do something lucky by chance. Nakaswirti ku ug pílì sa únang ganti, By luck I picked the one that won first prize; 2. be, get to be lucky. Muswirti usáhay pud ang ákung pangisdà, Sometimes I turn out lucky in my fishing. swirtiswirti a. chancy, a matter of luck. Swirtiswirti kanúnay ang panágat ug maáyu nga mangítà ka ug trabáhu, Fishing is a chancy occupation, and you would do better to look for work; v. be, get to be lucky at times.