Meaning of súyup



v. 1. suck in, draw in air or liquid. Ug suyúpun ang túbig sa bumba, maáyu pa nang bumba, As long as the pump sucks in the water, it is still good; 1a. absorb, draw by capillary action. Ang naylun kúlì musúyup ug singut, Nylon does not absorb sweat well; 1b. for magnets to draw. Ang lansang mutaput ug suyúpun sa batubaláni, The nail will stick if it is attracted by the magnet; 2. use up money as if it were sucked away. Ang gastu sa gasulína musúyup ug dakù sa ímung kítà, The cost of gasoline just sucks away a large portion of your earnings; n. action of sucking, absorbing, pulling by a magnet.