Meaning of suul



v. 1. for an illness or bad behavior that recurs at intervals to recur. Misuul na pud ang íyang kabúang, His foolishness is showing itself again. Gisul-an na pud siya sa íyang húbak, He is having an attack of asthma again; 2. have a stomach ache. Ug magsuul pa nang ímung tiyan, tumar áning tambal, If your stomach still hurts, take this medicine; n. stomach pain. — sa irù very painful stomach cramps believed to be a kabúhì which has found its way into the pit of the stomach. sulul-an, sul-ánun a. prone to having recurring sicknesses or emotional derangements.



v. wear, put something on. Ngánung nagsúul ka mag bulingun? Why are you wearing dirty clothes?