Meaning of suud



a. 1. close in space or time. Suud na kaáyu ang adlaw sa kasal, The wedding day is near. Ang baril sa gasulína suud ra kaáyu sa dapug, The gasoline barrel is a bit too near the stove; 2. intimate. Suud kaáyu ming amígu, We are very intimate friends; v. place, be set closely. Suúrun ta nig butang arun dílì magkabulagbulag, Let’s place these close together so they won’t get separated; 2. be, become intimate, close to. Dílì ku makigsúud sa tabian, I don’t want to be intimate with a gossip. ka- banay n. close relative. Ákù gihápun siyang kasúud bánay kay mag-ágaw mi, He is still a close relative because we are cousins.