Meaning of sustinir



v. 1. last, manage to keep up with some work. Musustinir ka nákù ug buksing ug mga lima ka ráwun? Can you last five rounds boxing against me? Sustinihan ku nang trabahúa, I will keep on with that work; 1a. withstand weight or pressure, sustain. Ang sanga dì na makasustinir sa gibug-atun sa mga búnga, The branch cannot withstand the weight of the fruits; 2. stick to a line of reasoning or allegation. Musustinir ka sa ímung gisulti? Will you stick to your story? 3. make do with something less in quality or quantity. Gisustinihan ku níya ug sulti sa íyang kinawayan nga ininglis, He made do, speaking to me in broken English. Ságing nga isustinir sa tinggutum, Bananas which we make do with in times of famine. sustinídu a. 1. assiduous, sticking to something Kadtung sustinídu sa ílang trabáhu pag-usbáwan ug swildu, Those who are assiduous in their work will be given a raise in salary; 2. having the capacity to endure, carry on with work. Sustinídu kaáyu siya ug kálut ug kanal kay dagkù siyag buktun, He has the capacity to dig ditches because he has muscular arms.