Meaning of súruy



v. 1. go about, stroll. Diin ka musúruy gabíi? Where did you go to last night? Isúruy ang bátà sa parki, Take the child for a stroll in the park; 1a. ika- presentable (lit. can be worn for strolling). Dílì ku mauwaw sa ákung uyab kay ikasúruy man pud, I am not ashamed to be seen with my girl friend because she is pretty; 2. bring something around. Nagsúruy siyag isdà, She peddles fish. Isúruy ang mga ilimnun sa mga bisíta, Bring the drinks around to the visitors. libud — a. given to wandering about with no useful purpose; v. become a vagabond. (→) bagduy see libud súruy. suruysúruy v. 1. promenade, take a pleasure stroll. Magsuruysúruy ta sa baybáyun, Let’s take a walk by the beach; 2. roam about uselessly. Nagpúnay lang siyag suruysuruy ug way nahímù, All he ever did was roam about and never accomplished anything. sinurúyan n. 1. something gained as a result of going about; 2. a woman’s child born out of wedlock (lit. something obtained as a result of reckless wandering). 2a. one’s eldest child (humorous). maN-r-(←) n. peddler.