Meaning of sunug



n. small room added to a house, usually to a small shack; v. make such a small room.



v. 1. burn something up. Sunúgun nátù ning mga sagbut, Let us burn these weeds. Ang mga nasunúgan, The people whose houses burnt down; 2. be burnt, destroyed by heat. Gisúnug man nímu ang dukut, You burnt the rice. Nasúnug ang tanum sa ínit sa húlaw, The sun burnt up the plants in the drought; 2a. roast something that one uses slightly burnt. Sunúga ang dáhun, kupúga, ug ibutíbut sa samad, Burn the leaves, pulverize them, and spread them over the wound; n. fire, conflagration. (→) n. 1. something slightly burnt. Sunug man ning mani, These peanuts are burnt! 2. in a game of sungkà, any of the lateral holes which do not have pieces in them. -an see sunug, n2.