Meaning of sungkù



v. 1. reach up to a point. Musungkù ang Krismas tri sa pisami, The Christmas tree touches the ceiling. Isungkù ang kural sa kílid sa balay, Have the fence reach the side of the house; 1a. bump one’s head against something above. Gi! Nasungkù ang ákung úlu sa sanga, Ouch! I bumped my head against the branch; 2. go to see someone for a purpose. Akuy musungkù sa mga táwu arun sila mahibalu nga may trabáhu ugmà, I will go notify the people that there will be work tomorrow. Gisungkù ku ang ákung inahan arun papuy-un dinhi sa Sugbu, I went to fetch my mother to have her live here in Cebu. — sa reaching as far as. Sungkù sa lángit ang ákung kalípay, My happiness knows no bounds (lit. reaches the heavens).