Meaning of sumpa



n. oath



n. something to counteract something evil before it happens, usually of a magical nature. Sumpà sa ulan, something to keep it from raining. Sumpà sa dápaw, something to keep itchy trichomes from affecting one. Sumpà sa tunglu, something to render a curse ineffective; v. render something ineffective, counteract some evil before it happens. Sumpáun ang bábuy arun dílì mahurut sa mamistáhay, They will put a special charm on the pig so that it won’t be all eaten up at the fiesta. paN- v. swear, make an oath to do something or that something will happen. Manumpà kung tinúud kini, I swear this is true. Gipanumpà níya nga manimalus siya, He swore he would get revenge. Ayaw ipanumpà ang ngálan sa Diyus sa pasipála, Don’t take God’s name in vain (make oaths in God’s name for light situations); n. oath, solemn declaration of truth or one’s intention. ig-l- n. see sumpà, n.