Meaning of sumitir



v. 1. turn in for consideration, submit homework. Unsa mang upisináha sumitihan sa aplikisyun? What office will the application be submitted to? Isumitir ang ímung humwurk run, Submit your homework now; 2. submit, yield to a stronger force. Dinhay pila ka táwu nga walà musumitir sa gahum sa kaáway, There were a few persons that did not submit to the power of the enemy; 3. agree that a certain thing is right. Walay but-an nga makasumitir ánang ímung paági, No sane person could accede to that procedure of yours; 4. be immensely impressed with someone’s ability; a. be impressed by someone’s ability. Sumitir kaáyu ku nímung mudiskursu, I take my hat off to you for your oratorical ability.