Meaning of sumban



(from *subung) gisumban/sumban/sumbi v. make something modelled after something else. Ritrátu ray ákung gisumban paggamà nákù áning dulaána, I made this toy by copying a picture. pa- v. allow something to go on without doing anything about it, happy that it is being done or resigned to it. Ikaw ray madáut ug pasumban mu ang ímung kaliguy, You will suffer if you just allow yourself to drift along doing nothing all the time. Gipasumban lang sa babáyi ang pagpanghikap sa íyang hinigugma, The girl just allowed her boy friend to keep on caressing her. -an(→) n. 1. model, pattern. Sumbanan ni paghímù ug mga kartun, This is the pattern in making cardboard boxes; 2. code, regulations on which actions are based. Ang kaangáyan mauy sumbanan sa íyang pakigdáit, He bases his personal relations on fairness. Sumbanang baláud, Civil Code; 2a. basis on which one acts. Panimalus mauy sumbanan sa íyang panglíhuk, His actions are motivated by a desire for revenge. -un(→) n. something that runs in a family. Ang pagkabúang sumbanun ánang pamilyáha, Insanity is hereditary in that family.