Meaning of sulud



v. 1. go in, into. Dílì ta makasulud sa sini saylu sa alas nuybi, We cannot get into the movies after nine o’clock. Guwà dihà sa kwartu kay ug dílì ka, sudlun ku ikaw, Get out of the room because if you don’t I will go in after you; 1a. — sa úlu for something to have entered the head. Unsay nasulud sa ímung úlu sa pagbúhat sa ingun? What got into your head to make you do such a thing? Isulud nis ímung úlu, ayaw giyud ug lisúa ning twirkáha, Get this into your head. Don’t ever turn this screw; 1b. understand something Dílì masulud sa ákung úlu ang liksiyun, I cannot understand the lesson; 1c. be pregnant, esp. in the early stages. Sa pagkasal níla nasudlan na ang babáyi, When they were married, the girl was already pregnant; 1d. be under the influence of alcohol. Nanghágit nas Pidru ug áway, nasudlan na tingáli, Pedro was challenging people to a fight. He must be drunk; 1e. for the gears of an engine to engage. Musulud (makasulud) ang primíra apan dílì mulyamar, The first gear will engage, but it won’t function; 1f. be sent into a game. Misúd si Basilan pagkasíkan hap, Basilan was sent into the game in the second half; 2. enter, take a job as. Musulud siya sa pagkapárì, He will enter the priesthood. Unsang trabahúa ímung sudlan? What kind of job are you going to take? 3. put something inside something else. Nagsulud ku aring mga linata sa kahun, I am putting the canned goods in the box. Isulud ni sa kumúda, Put this in the drawer; 3a. — sa bulsa see bulsa; 3b. in weaving: sley, arrange the threads of a warp in a reed; 4. accommodate, hold. Kining baríla musulud ug nuybinta ka litru, This barrel will hold ninety liters; n. 1. contents. Way sulud ang pitaka, The wallet was empty; 1a. capacity to hold; 2. place within. Túa siya sa sulud sa awtu, He is inside the car; 2a. within, inside a period of time. Sulud sa tulu ka túig mupaúlì ku, Within three years I’ll go home. Lat-i sulud sa tulu ka úras, Boil for three hours. — sa búyut in the bag, absolutely assured. Sulud sa búyut ang ímung kadaúgan, Your victory is already in the bag; 2b. an extra room in a house: a bedroom or a storeroom. sulud guwà v. 1. go in and out. Ngánung nagsulud guwà ka man? Wà kay láing lingaw? Why do you keep going in and out? Have you nothing else to do? 2. shift one’s allegations in one’s tack of reasoning. Nagsulud guwà kas ímung sulti maung dì ka katuhúan, You keep changing your story. That’s why no one can believe you. pa- v. give a job or recommend someone for a job. Pasudlun ta kag trabáhu iggradwar nímu, I’ll arrange for you to get a job when you graduate. suludsúlud n. small room for storage. sudlanan n. container. suluran n. the reed in weaving, which has the purpose of slamming the weft threads tightly together, so called from the fact that the warp threads go through it. sinudlan n. having a filling. Pan nga sinudlan, Bread with a filling baked inside. sudlunun a. way back off the road or usual route (lit. a place you have to go into to get to). Sudlunun kaáyu ang ílang balay gíkan sa karsáda, Their house is far back from the road; v. be way back from the usual route.



n. fine-toothed comb with two parallel rows of teeth, used to rid the hair of lice; v. 1. comb with the súlud; 2. make into a súlud. paN- v. comb one’s own hair with the súlud.