Meaning of súlu



(not without l) v. 1. sing a solo. Sulúhun ku lang ang kanta, I will make this song a solo; 2. do something alone by oneself. Musúlu lang ku ug trabáhu kay aku ra may nía, I will just work by myself because I am the only one around; 2a. sulúha expression of harsh rejection when someone asks for one’s company. ‘Manan-aw tag sini.’—‘Sulúha!’ ‘Let’s go to the movies.’—‘Go by yourself!’ n. vocal solo. sulusúlu v. do something alone. Magsulusúlu lang kag adtu sa parti? Are you going to the party alone? — pláyit v. go s.w. alone. Magsúlu pláyit siya ig-adtu sa Mindanaw, He will go to Mindanao alone. -wist, -wista n. soloist, lead singer or player of a group; v. be, be made the soloist.



n. torch made of a dry palm frond bound tightly at regular intervals along its length to make it burn slowly; v. 1. make into a torch of this sort; 2. use a torch in doing something, or illuminate one’s way with a torch. Sul-un ku tung langgáma rung gabíi, I will catch that bird tonight lighting my way with a torch. paN- v. go hunting or fishing at night with torchlight.



v. make a sizzling, hissing sound. Ug musúlù ang mantíkà ilúnud ang sibúyas, When the fat sizzles, put the onions in. Basà ang pabílu kay síging nagsulù, The wick must be wet because it keeps sizzling.