Meaning of sulíkat



v. 1. glare at someone with the eyes wide open. Musulíkat gánì ku, paháwà dáyun, If I glare, better beat it at once; 2. for the eyeballs to roll up into the forehead. Misulíkat ang mata sa bátang nagkumbulsiyun, The child’s eyes rolled up into his forehead when he had convulsions. (→) a. for the eyes to be rolled up into the forehead. Ang táwung sulikat ug mata mu rag pirming maghangad, A person with rolled-up eyes always seems to be looking up; n. 1. a defect of the eyes where the eyelids don’t close from disease or injury. Dì siya ilhan ug natúlug ba kay sulikat siya ug mata, You never know whether he is asleep or not because his eyes don’t close; 2. one with such an eye defect; v. get this defect.