Meaning of Sugbu



n. name of the island of Cebu. syudad sa — Cebu City. Sugbuánun n. Cebuano, from the island of Cebu. sinugbuanun n. Cebuano; v. speak Cebuano.



v. dive or jump into water. Dì ku musugbu dihà sa mabaw, I won’t dive where it’s too shallow. Nasugbu siya sa lunangan sa kábaw, He fell into the puddle where the water buffalo wallowed. pa- n. kind of fishing with a hand line for fishes that feed on the bottom, composed of a line, sinker, and a hook with a long leader. The equipment is lowered, and when the sinker touches the bottom, it is raised so that the hook is a couple of inches off the bottom, and the line is held until something bites.