Meaning of subu



v. 1. for something boiling to overflow. Ukbi ang kardíru kay misubu ang inínit, Take the cover off of the pot because water is overflowing; 2. douse water onto live embers. Subhi ang bága úsà ta manglákaw, Pour water on the embers before you leave; 3. temper, harden iron or steel by heating it and then immersing it in oil or water; 4. initiate a series of activities or wear something for the first time. Ang prisidinti mauy musubu sa bayli, The president will start the dance. Siyay nakasubu ug sakay sa ayruplánu, He rode the inaugural flight of the airplane; n. temper of metal. walay — inexperienced. Ayawg patugatuga ug pangulitáwung Maríya kay wà kay subu, Don’t try to court Mary because you are inexperienced.



a. sad. Subù ug nawung, Having a sad countenance. Subù nga palandúngun, Sad to think about; v. be sad. Gikasubù ku ang dílì kalikayan nga hitabù, I very much regret the unavoidable incident. paha- extend one’s condolences; n. condolences. ka- n. sadness. kasub-ánan n. grief, sorrows. Kasub-ánan nga way katapúsan, Sorrows without end. masulub-un a. 1. characterized with grief, mournful. Usa ka masulub-un nga bakhù, A mournful sob; 2. grieving. Ang masulub-ung kapíkas, The grieving wife; v. be, become sad. maka-r-(←) a. saddening. Makasusúbung hitabù, A saddening event.