Meaning of siruk



a. 1. greedy, having a strong desire for food. Siruk kaáyu ning irúa kay walà makakaun ug tulu ka adlaw, This dog is very greedy because it hasn’t eaten for three days; 2. fond of, having a strong liking for. Siruk ug bayli ni si Pidru, Peter is crazy about dancing; 3. one who is present at any event where food is served, invited or not; v. be, become greedy or fond of something (←) v. attend a party or feast uninvited, just to eat the food prepared. Mga bagà ug náwung nga misíruk sa híkay, Those nervy people who went to the party uninvited. paN- v. go s.w. to scrounge for food. Adtu sa mga basúra magpaniruk ang mga irù ug iring, The dogs and the cats scrounge for food in garbage cans. — buy a. 1. attending banquets uninvited; 2. one starved for food, entertainment, or sex without scruples; v. become a person of this sort.