Meaning of sirbis



n. 1. something set aside for a certain specific use. Sirbis ning awtúha pára sa mga bisíta, This car is for the special use of the visitors. Maáyug sirbis tung ristawrána, That restaurant gives good service; v. 1. make something available for a specific use. Ayaw ug kabaláka kay sirbísan ta mu ug dakung amplipáyir, Don’t worry because I will have a big public system available for you; 2. service, provide maintenance for. Kinsa may musirbis sa mga awtu? Who will service the cars? — diluks n. service in a de luxe manner. Gihatdan man giyug pamáhaw. Sirbis diluks man giyud, She was served breakfast on bed. De luxe service, I should say.