Meaning of sipit



n. 1. earwig, a shiny black bug abounding in coconut trees about 1 cm. long with large mandibles. It does not bite; 2. kind of small, blackish, scorpion-like insect about ½″ long which bites, found on furniture.



v. 1. carry something between the arm and body; 2. hold firmly between the legs. Gisipítan ku níya sa duha níya ka páa, She held me firmly between her legs. — ug diplúma v. be a degree holder. Nagsípit na ku ug diplúma pagkaminyù nákù, I already had my degree when I married. (→) n. pincer of a crab or lobster. -in- n. a simple anchor made from a forked branch in between which a stone is tied.