Meaning of sipat



a. naughty, mischievous, making a nuisance. Sipat kaáyu ning batáa kay maghingári ug pabuyag, This child is very naughty because he always makes a nuisance of himself. Sipat ang mga lamuk dinhi kay mamáak bísan ug adlaw pa, The mosquitoes are a real nuisance here because they bite even at daytime; v. be, become naughty or a nuisance. (←) v. become rampant. Misípat ang panúlis kay krísis sa kwarta, Thievery is becoming rampant because of the scarcity of money.



v. look with a sharp, piercing look. Grábi siyang makasípat mu rag mudulut ang mata, My, how fiercely he looked at me, as if his eyes were piercing through me.