Meaning of siniyur



n. title of address for men of high station. short form: nyur 1. Mr., sir. Si Nyur Pidru muabut rung hápun, Mr. Peter will arrive this afternoon. Andam na ang ímung awtu, nyur, Your car is ready, sir; 1a. form of direct address between intimate male friends. Kumusta, nyur! How are you, man! 2. in set usage for names of saints (not shortened). — San Pidru St. Peter. — San Bisinti St. Vincent. — Santu Ninyu the Holy Child. pista sa — Feast of the Holy Child. -un a. detesting manual work. Ságad sa mga dátù mga sinyurun ug kusug musúgù, Most rich people are too good to do manual work and tell people to do things for them.