Meaning of sili



n. pepper



n. pepper: Capsicum spp. — nga amirikánu a large yellow variety. — nga ispáda long variety: Capsicum anuum var. longum. — nga kagùkù the large sweet pepper which turns red when ripe: Capsicum anuum. — kulikut tiny, hot, red peppers: Capsicum frutescens. (→) v. use, put hot peppers to, into something Musili ka ba? Do you use pepper in your food? — kay gihángan for someone to get hurt by some indirect hints which refer to what he was actually doing (if the shoe fits, put it on). Nahimangud si Líta sa ákung sulti. Nagsili tingáli kay gihángan man, Lita was hurt by what I said. It probably was true. (Lit. She must be putting pepper in her food if she feels it is too spicy.) sinilian, sinilihan a. spiced with hot peppers.