Meaning of sikwáti



n. chocolate, a beverage made of sugar and ground roasted cacao beans, served hot and thick; v. 1. make, have chocolate; 2. defeat decisively. Sa baskit nasikwáti mi, We were trounced in the basketball game; 2a. punish severely. Bantay ka lang ug sakpan kang Pápa kay masikwáti ka giyud, Watch out if Daddy catches you. You will get it. 2b. perform badly. Pisti tung prublimáha. Mau tuy nakasikwáti (nakapasikwáti) nákù, That damn problem was my downfall in the exam; 2c. be erotically stimulated to a high degree. Ug muuban nang bayhána nákù sa sini, masikwáti giyud, If that woman goes to the show with me, I’ll get her all hopped up.