Meaning of sígi



v. 1. continue or go on doing something; do something always. Ug magsígi ning ulána háyan mubahà, If this rain keeps on, it’s likely to flood. Sigíhun (sigíhan, isígi) nímu ug túyuk ang twirka hangtud muhugut, Continue turning the screw until it gets tight. Ngánung sigíhan man ku nímu ug tan-aw? Why do you always look at me? 1a. walk or go on or forward. Inig-abut nímu sa iskína, musígi ka ug mga bayinti mitrus, When you reach the corner, go ahead for about twenty meters; 1b. proceed with one’s studies. Dílì ku makasígi karung sunud túig kay wà kuy kwarta, I cannot proceed with my studies next year because I have no money. exclamation: 1. urging someone to do something Sígi, káun na, Come on, eat! 2. expressing acquiescence. Ug walay láin sígi na lang ta áning nía, If there is no other, we will just have to make do with this; 2a. O.K. Bye. ‘Adtu na ku.’ ‘Sígi,’ ‘I’m going now.’ ‘O.K., Bye-bye.’ 3. always. Sígi ka lang ug sulti, way búhat, You’re always talking. You never do anything. — lang 1. never mind, it doesn’t matter. Sígi lang ug pubri, basta malipáyun, Never mind if I’m poor as long as I am happy; 2. Oh, please. Sígi lang, tagái lang ku, Oh, please. Let me have some! (→) see sígi, exclamation.