Meaning of síbug



v. 1. back something up, move back. Ug musíbug ka, matambug ka sa kanal, If you step backward, you will fall into the ditch. Kinsay nagsíbug sa lamísa? Who moved the table back? 1a. back down from something Dílì ta ka sibúgan ug sumbagay, I will not back down from you in a fight; 2. back out of an agreement; 2a. withdraw an application, candidacy, case in court. Dílì ku musíbug sa ákung kandidatúra, I will not withdraw my candidacy. Ug musíbug ka sa ímung kíha, ariglúhun ta lang ni, If you withdraw your case, we will settle it amicably. Isíbug ku ang ákung aplikasiyun, I will withdraw my application; 3. move an event to an earlier or to a later date. Átung isíbug ang kasal ug tulu ka adlaw arun tukmà sa pyista, Let’s move the wedding ahead (or postpone it) three days so that it will coincide with the fiesta; 4. visit (dialectal). Musíbug mis inyu rung pila ka adlaw, We’ll visit your place one of these days; n. action of moving back, backing out, retreating. Pagsábut nga way síbug, An agreement you can not back out of.