Meaning of síbu



n. fat of bovine and other animals with hooves, except pigs; v. put beef fat. Nagkasíbu ang linat-an, The stew is full of fat. Sibúhi ang ímung hiraminta arun dílì tay-an, Smear beef fat on your tools so they won’t get rusty.



a. 1. fitting precisely, of exact dimension. Kining twirkáha síbù kaáyu sa pirnu, This nut fits precisely into the bolt; 1a. exactly (so-and-so) long, at (such-and-such) a time. Síbung duha ka túig, Exactly two years. Síbung alas dúsi, At exactly twelve o’clock; 2. timepiece synchronized with another, musical instrument tuned to another. Dílì síbù ang ákung rilu sa íyang rilu. Alas dus nas íya apan walà pa diris ákù, My watch isn’t running at the same time as his. He has two o’clock, but I don’t. 3. harmonizing with, fittingly with the personality. Ang íyang papil sa dráma síbù kaáyu sa íyang pagkatáwu, His role in the drama fits his personality perfectly; 4. commensurate, proper in kind. Kadtung ímung tratamyintu níya síbù sa íyang nabúhat, What you did to him is just appropriate for what he did to you; 5. for the moon to be full; v. 1. fit into something; 1a. be exactly (such-and-such) a time; 2. tune a musical instrument to another, synchronize a watch with another. Sibúun ta ning duha ka sista, Let us tune the two guitars to each other; 3. harmonize with, fit a personality or style. Kining kalúa musíbù sa bísan unsang kurti sa nawung, This hat goes nicely with any face; 4. borrow a quantity of something and return the same amount or multiples thereof. Musíbù ku ug walu ka gantang mais. Ulían ta ka ug dubli sa tingsanggì, I will borrow eight gantas of corn, and I will pay you back double during harvest time; 5. for the moon to become full.