Meaning of sapya



v. for the waves to lap gently at. Sapyáhun (isapya) sa mga balud ang mga lúsay ngadtu sa baybáyun, The waves gently carry the seaweeds to the seashore.



a. 1. flat, said of something which is normally full and bulging. Sapyà siyag dughan, She is flat-breasted. Sapyà nga batu ang íyang gilingkúran, He sat on a flat stone; 2. for a plate or bowl to be shallow; n. a flat liquor bottle containing about 375 cc; v. 1. flatten, become flat. Musapyà (masapyà) ang úlu sa bátà nga pirming maghayang, The head of an infant will get flat in the back if it is always laid on its back. Hílum. Nagsapyà lang nang ilung mu, Shut up! You and your flat nose; 2. for something rounded to become flattish.