Meaning of sampung



v. 1. cover or obstruct an opening or passage. Akuy musampung ug tabla ánang bangag arun walay ilagà nga makaági, I will cover the hole with a board so no rats can come in. Sampúngi ug nuug arun dílì mutúlù, Plug it with a rag so it won’t drip; 2. reach the highest part of something Ígù ming nakasampung sa bungtud mau say pagdulhug níla, They were descending just as we had reached the summit; n. see -an(→). paN- v. cover an opening in one’s body. Panampung ug muatsi ka, Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. -an(→), paN-an(→) n. the triangular portion in the upper part of the wall at the end of a ridged roof, from the level of eaves upwards. kina-an(→) n. the highest part of something, apex. -un(→) n. small part of the rice in the field left to be harvested. Aku na lay tiwas ug áni sa sampungun, I’ll just finish up harvesting this remaining portion of the rice field.