Meaning of samkun



v. 1. be in the early stages of pregnancy. Ug musamkun (manamkun) ku, kasukaun ku, If I get pregnant, I feel like vomiting. Dílì makasamkun (makapanamkun) ang íyang asáwa kay dipiktúsu siyag matris, His wife cannot conceive because she has something wrong with her uterus; 2. conceive an idea in the mind. Dílì mulibkas sa ngábil nang mga pulúnga ug wà pa na isamkun sa hunàhúnà, Those words would not have come out from the lips, if they had not been conceived in the mind. paN- v. 1. develop a craving or dislike in early pregnancy. Ang mabdus nanamkun ug manggang hilaw, The pregnant woman craved for green mangoes; 2. for a conceiving mother to have her child be like something she has a liking or craving for. Gipanamkun siyag iring maung kusug mulayat, When his mother was in her first few months with him, she took a liking to a cat. As a result he can jump high. Ayawg panamkúni ang bábuy, Don’t conceive a fondness for pigs or your baby will be like one; n. the cravings or dislikes one feels in early pregnancy.