Meaning of salup



v. skim or scoop something off from a surface or from the upper portion. Misalup siya ug tipasì unyà gisábud, She scooped a handful of kernels and threw them. Isalup (salupa) sa kutsára ang ayiskrim, Scoop the ice cream with a spoon; n. see salúpan. -an(←) n. unit of dry measure equivalent to one-sixth of a ganta.



v. 1. for the sun to set. Ug musálup ang adlaw pasigáa ang sugà, When the sun sets, light the lamp. Sa nagsalup ang búlan miinánay ug língay ang anínu, As the moon was setting the shadows moved slowly. Nasálup na ang adlaw ug namátug na ang mga manuk, The sun has set and the chickens have gone to roost; 2. for one’s life to come to an end in old age (literary). Sa nagsalup na ang kinabúhì sa tigúlang, As the old man’s life was reaching its end. kasaladpan, sadpanan n. west. tali-(→), -um-r-(→) n. about to set.