Meaning of sal-ut



v. 1. butt in on a conversation. Dì ka musal-ut sa ámung panaglális, Do not butt in in our argument; 2. cut in on a queue or force one’s way into a crowd. Dì ka untà musal-ut sa tungà sa linya, adtu ka sa ulahi, You should not have butted into the middle of the line. Go back to the end; 3. take part, participate in a game or group activity. Gustu kang musal-ut sa abat-ábat? Would you like to participate in a game of tag? 4. include something in a group or batch. Kinsa may nagsal-ut sa imung papílis adtung grupúha? Who included your documents in that batch? Isal-ut ra ni dihà ug hílum, Put this in there with the others secretly. Nasal-ut ku sa kasábà bísag wà kuy salà, I got scolded as well even though I hadn’t done anything wrong; 4a. be interspersed with. Ang íyang diskursu gisal-útan pud ug kumidiya, His speech was interspersed with jokes. sal-utsal-ut v. be arranged alternately, do something alternately. Gisal-utsal-útan ug mga áwit ug sáyaw ang prugráma, The program had song and dance numbers inserted into it.