Meaning of sagábal



a. hindering, restricting movement, esp. in the achievement of something Sagábal kaáyu sa átung panghunàhunà nga adúnay daghang atimanun, It’s difficult to think straight when there are too many details to attend to; n. hindrance, something that prevents achievement; v. 1. constitute a hindrance. Ang íyang pagkaiks kumbik nagsagábal sa íyang pangimplíyu, His record was an obstacle to his getting a job. Sagabálan ka bag dala áning malíta? Will it be a burden for you to bring this suitcase? 2. be unwieldy. Musagábal gawíun ang prakul ug tas-un ang pul-an, The hatchet will be unwieldy if the handle is made too long.