Meaning of Sabadu



n. 1. Saturday. — iglurya, Santu the Saturday of the Holy Week; 2. one point short of winning. Sabadu na ang ílang iskúr. Usa na lay kuwang pára mudaug, They are one point short of winning. They only need one more point to sew up the game. see birnis for verb forms. -in- v. 1. use something sparingly or in little amounts. Musinabadu lang ku ug pangagwa basta lang mahumut ta, I will use the perfume sparingly just enough to smell sweet; 2. preserve fish with a small amount of salt. Magsinabadu ta kay daghang bulinaw ug dì nátù mahurut, Let’s make fish preserves because we’ve got lots of anchovies and we can’t consume them all; n. fish preserved with a little salt.