Meaning of rúbu



v. 1. rough someone up. Unyà mu na ba buyaga kun magrúbu na nang duha? Will you reprimand them only after they have started roughing each other up? Rubúhun nátù ang dúlà ug lúpig ta, Let’s play the game rough if we get out-classed; 2. engage in heavy petting. Hikit-an si Liyun nga nakigrúbu sa íyang trátu, Leon was seen engaging rough romance with his sweetheart; n. fight or rough and tumble romance. Kun gustu kag rúbu, andam ku, If you want to play rough, I’m ready. pára — n. rough and tumble. Kanang sinináa pára rúbu, This dress is for rough use. ruburúbu a. 1. rough and tumble; 2. informal, rough and easy-going without paying attention to niceties of etiquette. Wà nay platuplátu. Ruburúbu bítaw ni, Let’s not bother with plates. This is a rough and tumble get-together anyway; v. do something in a rough way.