Meaning of rispitar



n. 1. respect, showing someone the deference and courtesy due him in his station. Wà kay rispitar sa ímung ginikánan, You don’t show your parents the respect that is due them; 2. sign of courtesy. Rispitar lang tung ákung pagtambung sa íyang kasal, I went to his wedding out of respect for him; v. 1. respect, recognize a person’s station and rights. Nagrispitar ku sa ímung katungud, I respect your rights. Rispitai ang butang sa uban, Respect other peoples’ properties; 2. do something out of respect for someone Rispitahan lang nátù ning básung gitágay, We’ll just accept this glass as recognition of the person who offered it. rispitádu a. 1. respected. Mutúu giyud ang mga táwu níya kay rispitádu kaáyu siya, People believe him because he is very much respected; 2. respectful. Rispitádu kaáyu nang tawhána sa mga babáyi, That man is very respectful to women.