Meaning of risirba



n. 1. something spare for later use. Kining kwartáha risirba pára sa timpu sa kalisud, This money is a reserve for difficult times. Wà nay hángin ang risirba, The spare tire has no air; 2. something set aside for a special person. Adúna ka nay risirba nga lamísa sa nayitklab, You already have a table reserved in the night club; 3. reservist in the armed forces; v. 1. reserve, set something aside for later use. Átung irisirba ang ítik pára sa pista, I’m reserving the ducks for the fiesta; 2. be a reservist. -du a. something set aside for a special purpose. Gidilì ang pagtagà sa mga risirbádung kalasangan, Felling trees in a forest reservation is prohibited; n. forest reservation. -siyun n. forest reservation.