Meaning of puyra



n. place away from home. Kúlang sa disiplína ang mga anak nga may mga ginikánan nga atúa kanúnay sa puyra, Children lack discipline if their parents are always away from home. in phrases: 1. get out! Puyra! Dì ku gustu nga náay hubug dinhi sa balay! Out! I want no drunks in this house! 1a. — bisíta all ashore that’s going ashore. 1a1. bell announcing that the visitors must get off the boat. 1a2. after visiting hours in a hospital; 1b. (so-and-so) keep away, may (so-and-so) not happen despite the fact that something is being said to make it happen (said in the belief that the mention of something may cause it to happen unless the formula puyra (so-and-so) is said). Puyra báliw ang duha ka manag-ágaw nagminyù, May lightning not strike them, the cousins married. Puyra búsung, natumban ang kan-un, May you not get divine punishment. You stepped on the rice. Puyra buyag nindut kaáyu kag mata, Evil spirits keep away. You have beautiful eyes. Puyra dámag, hisgútan nátù ang kamatáyun ni Pulánu, Pulanu, keep away. We will talk about your death. Puyra damgu, si Pulánung namatay nagdiwal ang dílà, Pulanu died with his tongue hanging out, may we not dream of him. Puyra gábà, May you not reap divine punishment. Puyra handum (hisgut), labaw pa tu ka grábi ang ákung sakit kay sa ímu karun, Sickness keep away despite our talking about it, I was even sicker that time than you are now. Puyra patrun, pubri kaáyu nang lungsúra, May the patron saint not get angry at us. That is a terribly poor town. Puyra pungag nakabahù kug humut agwa sa taliwā̀ sa lasang, May my nose not be knocked off, I smelled a most delicious odor in the middle of the forest; 2. — sa 2a. aside from, in addition to. Puyra sa panaptun náa pay balayran sa butúnis ug sípir, Aside from the cloth, you still have to pay for the buttons and zipper; 2b. excepting. Púrus mga tapulan puyra sa pipila ka lugas, They’re all lazy except for a couple. 2b1. — lus buynus except for a few good ones. Puyra lus buynus, kábaw ray but-an sa taga Líti, With some exceptions, only the water buffaloes in Leyte have good morals (from the notion that formerly prostitutes in Cebu used to say they were from Leyte). 2b2. — dáyig modesty aside. Puyra dáyig akuy nangháwud sa ámung klási, Modesty aside I am at the top of my class. 2b3. — uluúlu no kidding. Puyra uluúlu tinúud kang gwápa, No kidding. You’re very beautiful; 3. únu —, dus —, tris —, kwatru — in tallying by fives, the number in addition to the groups of five. Singku kahúnis, tris puyra. Sa átù pa, bayinti utsu, There are five blocks of five and three extra. In other words, twenty-eight. itsa — see itsa; v. 1. eliminate, dismiss. Huwis ang nagpuyra sa íyang sumbung kay way ígung kamatuúran, The judge dismissed his complaint for lack of evidence. Puyráha (ipuyra) sila sa átung punduk, Eliminate them from our group. Napuyra ang maung tápad kay gamay ra ug pusta ang kuntra, The fight was cancelled because not enough people bet on one of the cocks; 2. dismiss someone from his job. Dì ku mupapuyra (mupuyra) nímu sa ímung trabáhu, I won’t dismiss you from your job.