Meaning of puydi



1. it is all right to do. Káun, puydi apan way ínum, It is all right to eat. But no drinking; 1a. — nga may do. Puydi ba nga makagawì ku sa ímung tilipunu? May I use your phone? 2. be very possible. Puydi kaáyung muanhi siya, He may well come here. nu- it is not possible. Nupuydi, kay ginadilì ang pagsúgal dinhi, You can’t because gambling is not allowed here. Nupuydi, dílì nà mahitabù, Never. That will never happen. Nupuydi katabuk dundi gabahà, You can’t have intercourse when your wife is menstruating. (Lit. You can’t cross a river in flood.)