Meaning of purdiyus



expression of utter discomfiture, disgust, or disagreement with something over which one has no control. Purdiyus, ngánu gud nga mau niy gidangátan ku, Heavens! Why, of all things, did this have to happen to me! a. making things difficult, giving someone a hard time. Purdiyus kaáyu nang tigulángang hangyúag kwarta, That old man gives you a hard time if you ask him for money; v. 1. give someone a hard time. Gipurdiyus ku nímu pagpangítà nímu, You gave me a hard time looking for you; 2. have a hard time doing something Magpurdiyus giyud tang maghungit íning batáa kay magdagandágang pakan-un, It’s an ordeal to feed this child because he runs about when you’re trying to feed him. Culu-(←) v. make an honest appeal, plead. Nagpulupurdíyus ang inahan sa bitayun ngadtu sa prisidinti, The mother of the condemned man pleaded to the president for her son’s life. — ipursantu exclamation over something overwhelmingly surprising or causing intense discomfiture. Purdiyus ipursantu, ngánung gibúhat mu man tu? For God’s sake, why did you do that?