Meaning of pur



word used in reckoning dimensions: ‘by’. Dus pur kwatru nga káhuy, Piece of wood two by four. Kwatrung diyis pur katursi piyis, A room ten by fourteen feet.



1. per, by the. -díya by the day. Purdíya ámung swildu, We are paid by the day. Utsu písus purdíya, Eight pesos a day. -úra by the hour; 2. prefix for exclamations. -bída short form: bída a. exclamation of surprise. Purbídang lisúra, My God! How difficult it is. Purbídang gwapáha, Jesus! How beautiful she is. b. exclamation chiding. Purbída sab ka! Wà ka makapakáun sa bátà? Heavens! You mean you didn’t feed the baby? -pabur see pabur. -diyus see purdiyus. in other phrases: pur-abir a1. testing something out, not necessarily in earnest. Wà kuy disíyu nga mupalit íning awtúha. Pur-abir lang tung ákù ug itúgut ba sa ákung hangyù, I did not intend to buy this automobile. I was just trying to see if it could be gotten for the price I offered. a2. trying something on a long gamble where there is nothing to lose. Pur-abir ning pagpaupira sa kansir, kay ug dílì upirahan, sigurádu man giyung patay, The cancer operation is just a gamble. If you don’t operate, the man will die anyway. b. -ihimplu for example. c. -ingkásu see ingkásu. see also pur-ísu, purlumínus, purmidyu, *pursikásu.