Meaning of punit



v. 1. pick up with the hands. Punita nang ímung duláan sa salug, Pick your toys up from the floor; 2. find something Nakapunit kug daghang kwarta, I found a large sum of money; 2a. pick up a lesson, take something and steal it. Makapunit kag daghang pagtulun-an niíning sugilambúnga, You can pick up a lot of lessons from this novel; 2b. choose a girl. Kinsa guy mupunit nákung laksut man ku? Who would ever choose me when I’m so ugly? n. action of picking something up. (←) v. abort, miscarry. Ang midisína nga íyang giinum mauy nakapúnit (nakapapúnit) sa íyang gisabak, The medicine that she took caused her to abort her child. Napunítan siya kay nangā́ unyà wà matúman, She lost her baby because she didn’t get the things she craved. -in- n. something picked up. -in-an n. something found. Gisagup sa rayna ang bátang pinunitan, The queen adopted the child that someone found.