Meaning of pungkù



v. 1. squat. Nag-alírung silang nagpungkù nga nagtan-aw sa hantak, They were squatting in a circle watching the tossing of the coins; 2. sit down. Mahugnù ang lamísag inyung pungkúan, The table will collapse if you sit on it. 3. sit idly doing nothing. Ang ímu dihang gipungkù ug gihinayhínay pa nímug trabáhu may ági ka na, The time you wasted sitting around, if you had used it to start work little by little, you would have had something to show for it by now; 4. — sa bilangguan be willing to go to prison just so something is accomplished. Pungkúan lang nákù ang Bilíbid, basta lang mapatay siya, I’m willing to go to Bilibid prison as long as he dies.