Meaning of pulus



v. be of use, do. Kining kahúya dílì magpulus sa halígi, This piece of wood will not do for a post. Láing táwu ang makapulus sa kwarta, someone else can make use of the money. Kining likì nga tadyaw dì na kapuslan, This jar is of no use any more because it is cracked. walay — there is no use, benefit. Wà na nay pús. Ilábay nà, That is no good any more. Throw it away. pahiN- v. 1. make use of. Pahimusli (pahimudsi) ang mga taknà sa pagbása, Make use of the hours by reading; 2. take advantage of. Dílì ku mupahimulus sa kahúyang sa uban, I will not take advantage of others’ weaknesses. Pahimudsi ang tanyag, Take advantage of the offer; 3. take advantage of a woman sexually. Gipahimuslan ang íyang pagkababáyi samtang gikuyapan siya, She was molested while she was unconscious. puslan (pudsan) man inasmuch as (so-and-so) has happened, (such-and-such) might just as well happen, too. Puslan (pudsan) man nga nahumud ku maáyu pa ug malígù, Now that I got wet, I might as well go in all the way (i.e., since I started it, I might as well go the whole hog). kapuslánan n. use or benefit that can be gotten from something Unsa may kapuslánan ánang ímung paglakwatsa? What good is it for you to roam about? mahimuslánun, mapahimuslánun a. inclined to avail oneself of any opportunity that comes one’s way. mapuslánun, mapudsánun a. useful; v. be useful. Ihátag nà nákù kay magmapuslánun (magmapudsánun) ra gihápun nà, Give it to me because it is still of use.