Meaning of púlung



n. 1. word. Maáyu ka lang sa púlung, You are only good in talking; 1a. Word, as used in theology. Sa sinugdánan mau ang Púlung, In the beginning was the Word; 2. statement or message. Unsay íyang púlung? What did he say? — [gen.] [gen.] said. ‘Asa ka?’ púlung níya, ‘Where are you going?’ said he. 3. word received as a point of honor. Bakákun ka kay wà kay púlung, You’re a liar because you didn’t keep your word; v. have a dialogue, conference. Nagpúlung ang mga tinugyánan sa duha ka násud, The representatives of the two nations had a conference. Gipulúngan námù ang ímung suliran, We discussed your problem in a conference. pulungpúlung v. engage in a conversation. Wà siyay ikapulungpúlung sukad mabálu, He had no one to talk to after his wife died. paN- v. 1. deliver a speech, say something before an audience. Siya ang únang namúlung, He was the first one to speak to the group; 2. say something about something Unsay ímung ikapamúlung niánà? What can you say about that? 3. speak to the parents asking for their daughter’s hand. Nakapamúlung na siya sa ginikánan sa babáyi, He has already asked the parents for the girl’s hand; n. celebration held in asking a girl’s hand from her parents. tigpaN- n. 1. speaker in a program; 2. one who speaks for others. -in-an(→) n. 1. language, way of speech; 2. word of honor. maN-r- n. speaker, orator. pakig- n. speech. -un(→) n. saying. Dúnay pulungun nga nag-ingun, ang nagputak mauy nangitlug, There is a saying that goes, the one who cackles laid the egg (i.e. whoever complains the loudest must be the culprit).