Meaning of pulug



n. 1. dye; 2. color. Musíga na ang pulug nga pula sa sugà sa trapiku, The traffic light is red; 3. power or strength to do something or produce an effect. Pila ra may pulug sa linúgaw nga ipanihápun? There is nothing to a dinner of mere rice porridge; v. 1. dye, color something with a dye; 2. give something its appearance by its very presence. Mga púlung nga gipulug sa pagmáhay, Words that were fashioned by her deep remorse. Ang tibuuk palíbut gipulug sa langitnung katahum, Heavenly beauty that bathed the surroundings; 3. picture, describe something in words. Dì mapulug ang ílang gibátì, What they felt was beyond description; 4. consider something carefully in the mind. May mga púlung nga manlugwà sa bàbà nga dì pulugun sa hunàhúnà, Words that come out of the mouth without having been carefully thought over in the mind.