Meaning of pulsu



n. 1. pulse; 2. wrist. maáyu ug — a. having steady hands. Hantir kaáyu nang tawhána kay maáyu man kaáyug pulsu, That man is a sharpshooter because he has steady hands. pugung sa — n. 1. something to stave off hunger (lit. hold back the pulse). 2. something done temporarily in the absence of something better. Náay íyang trabáhu apan pugung lang nà sa pulsu kay wà may láin, He has a job but it is just temporary because he doesn’t have anything else; v. 1. stave off hunger. Mupugung (mupapugung) sa pulsu ang kindi, Candies will stave off hunger; 2. make do with something Ígù pang makapugung sa pulsu ning diyútayng gasulína sa gasulinahan, This little gasoline is enough to get us to the gas station. hiN- v. take someone’s pulse. Ang duktur ang muhimulsu (manghimulsu) nímu, The doctor will feel your pulse. rilu di- n. wrist watch.